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    Pets provide you with a much-needed escape from the challenges of life. They introduce you to a better and brighter world. If living a normal life seems hard, the introduction of an animal can add new meaning and dimension to your life. They are self-less and pamper you in a way you always deserved. Along with that, they provide you with emotional support in many ways.
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    Stress & depression are synonymous with loneliness and isolation. Animals fill the void in your life and give a positive direction to your health.

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    Your mental health has an impact on your aging process. The presence of an emotional support animal can fill you with new energy and make you feel younger.

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    Social behavior

    If you are depressed, you tend to avoid people. Pets make you socially available. Just a simple walk with your pet can open doors for new people in your life.

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    ESA Letter Denver is acclaimed for its excellence in providing quick and streamlined access to genuine emotional support animal certifications. We ensure that every aspect of care is anchored in a manner that is guaranteed to bring a positive change in your life. Our certified mental health experts understand the value that pets can infuse in your life. 


    Unrivaled expertise, compassionate approach, and depth of experience allow us to deliver top-quality patient care. Our experts provide the highest form of emotional care to every patient that knocks for help. Whether you are planning to fly with your pet or rent a new flat, our experts take your case on priority and provide you with an emotional support dog letter at the earliest. Once you have the emotional support animal documentation, you can live and fly with your pet without any hassles. 

    We’ve been serving the community for over 18 years. Our experts re-imagine the spectrum of changes that an emotional support pet can bring in your life. Accordingly, all our efforts are essentially directed to induce radically better changes in your life. We believe life is not about being emotionally vulnerable. You deserve to live happily and pets ensure that with ease.

    Our Mission

    It's our constant mission to enhance your mental well-being. We understand that emotional friction can plague your existence. Our experts introduce you to the beauty of animal therapy. It works better than prescription medicines and manages your psychological stress, disorders and other issues with ease. We present emotional support animals as a medium that is effective and safe. It's our vision to offer streamlined access to genuine ESA letters for every individual who needs care. Telemedicine allows us to present you with compassionate care easily. We combine technology with our expertise to let you live the life you deserve.

    Customer reviews

    Rebecca Jones
    Dog Lover
    I think the entire process was pretty quick and easy. I did not have to wait much and the price is pretty reasonable too. Highly recommended!!
    Matt Smith
    Dog lover
    I got my dog registered as an ESA in just one day!! The doctors are very helpful and I am happy that I can finally live with my dog freely!

    How to Get an ESA Letter?

    Wondering how to register a cat as an emotional support animal? Or looking to find an answer to how to register your dog as an emotional support dog? We can help. Telemedicine has made accessing an ESA letter very easy. Once you have the letter, you can live and fly with your pet easily. It all starts with a simple form. It’s like a virtual walk-in. So, you don’t need a prior appointment. Just create a free account and enter your details and contact information. The entire process takes no more than a few minutes. We analyze your details and link you to a certified mental health expert who interacts with you via video call. The doctor tries to understand your mental issues and detects whether it can be managed with the help of an emotional support animal. If you qualify, you are eligible to own an emotional support cat letter After our ESA doctors approve your request, your emotional support letter housing or travel is delivered to you via email within 10 minutes. If you want a hard copy, it’s sent to you via regular mail within 1-2 days. If you refer a friend, you even qualify to get $20 in-clinic credit. Avail this offer on a new ESA letter or renewal. You can also opt to get an emotional support animal vest With an ESA letter, you can indulge in a multitude of activities in Denver. It’s a pet-friendly city with a perfect setting for outdoor activities. Denver boasts multiple dog-friendly bars and restaurants that are perfect to have a thrilling day with your pet. There are various dog parks too. Some of them include Berkeley Dog Park, Lowry Dog Park, and Stapleton Off-Leash Dog Park.  That is why you must learn about the emotional support animal (ESA) laws. Just get your ESA travel letter and introduce yourself to a completely new kind of experience. Live the stress-free life you deserve.
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    Why Choose us?

    My ESA Doctor provides 100% genuine emotional support animal letters in accordance with the federal laws. Our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform keeps your data absolutely safe. The entire process is quick, streamlined, and easy. Getting an ESA recommendation has never been easier.

    An emotional support animal letter gives you the legal right to travel with your pet on a plane. It allows you to reap the in-cabin benefits with ease.


    You don't need to train your pet to be an emotional support animal. They are different from service animals and don't need any formal training.


    With an ESA letter, you have the legal right to live with your pet. The Fair Housing Act protects your rights an owner and the tenant cannot restrict you.


    The presence of an emotional support animal brings a sense of mental stability in your life. You can finally feel the happiness that was missing from your life.

    Allow us to help you

    If you figure out that your pet provides you with emotional support, you need not worry. ESA animal laws protect your rights as an owner. The fact that your pet helps you battle stress, anxiety, and depression means you can exercise rights freely. The laws allow you to live and fly with your pet without any hassle.

    Our doctors have the depth of experience and expertise to educate you about your rights. They guide you about emotional support housing laws in Denver and let you exercise your rights freely.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to register my dog as an emotional support animal?

    If you have a dog that helps manage your condition, all you need is to get an emotional support dog certification. And it is not that difficult. With telemedicine, getting an emotional support dog registration has become quite easy. Our process helps you get an ESA letter with three simple steps. Fill out a simple application form. Our mental health specialist will contact you and evaluate your condition. After his approval, you will receive an instant pdf letter. It is just this easy. You can also get an emotional support dog vest. That will help other people identify your pet as an ESA. This comes handy especially when you are traveling with your ESA.

    What are the privileges that come with emotional support animal laws?

    Most people wonder how to fly with a dog in-cabin or live with their pet hassle-free. Having an ESA letter would allow you to get both of these privileges. According to the Fair Housing Act, emotional support animals can live with their owners in a no-pet policy rental apartment if they possess an ESA letter for housing. The landlord cannot deny accommodation and is not allowed to charge any pet fees. ACAA allows a person to travel with their pet on a flight in-cabin without any extra charges if they possess an ESA letter. So, register your emotional support dog and earn the privileges that come with it.

    Emotional Support Animal Vs Service Animal

    People often confuse emotional support animals with service animals. In reality, both are different. They serve different purposes and are protected by a different set of laws. Where emotional support animals provide mental assistance to people with emotional disabilities, service animals are trained to assist daily functions of individuals with a physical disability. Also, service animals are required to be trained while ESAs are not.

    What are the best emotional support dogs?

    Having an emotional support animal is an experience to behold. The best emotional support dog for you is the one that compliments your personality. Choose the emotional support dog breed that suits your personality. Labrador, Retriever, Pug, and Terrier are some breeds that are common emotional support dogs.

    Can you fly with a dog?

    If you an emotional support animal travel letter, the ACAA act allows you to fly with your dog in-cabin without paying any extra charges. So, if your dog helps you manage your mental health condition, get it an ESA letter and fly hassle-free.